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Making some POCKET MONAY!!!

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As you can see from my recent posts, I am now addicted to a card game named Weiβ Schwarz!! The cost of starting out in this game is quite high, you need to get the cards to build a powerful deck and that requires you to spend!

So.. the solution to this problem is

It is very simple, you just need to have a blog and an account on NUFFNANG. Link them together and put some ads around your blog. There you have it, a way to earn some pocket money!! Now, all you need to do is constantly blog from time to time(like me.. =D). Only People from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Philippines can do this.

With all the ads around your blog, you now need unique visitors and people to click on your ads. Nuffnang calculates your earnings by the amount of unique visitors per month and the amount of clicks. If your amount of unique visitors is high, your earnings per click will also increase. Do not worry about VIRUS as they are safe websites.

The next step is to increase your earning rate. The fastest way to do that is to ask your friend(who is a famous blogger) to publicize your blog. That way, you can increase your publicity as well as your earnings. Do not forget to stop blogging after your friend has publicize about your blog, if you stopped blogging suddenly, you will DE-fame your friend's blog. If you talk interesting topics, more people will read your blog.

An example of a person's earnings in 1 month. There are other people with much higher earnings than this. (LOL I should not be posting his earning here.. xD)

Try to keep your blog stuck to one focus, for example, mine is about "an otaku's life".
Remember! Try not to touch sensitive issues and try not to put other advertisement on your blog other than Nuffnang(they will lower your earnings).

Example of excellent bloggers: Vvens and ABSOLUTsusu


ヴァイスシュヴァルツ, or Weiβ Schwarz Trading Card Game

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I am back with more news and its the best news to all otakus out there.

The Back of the Card

As you can see the title and the picture above, it's about a TCG. Thanks to a GUY and the moe(ness) of the cards during the Taylor's Asaban Fest, I am poisoned to this TCG!!!!

This TCG is a anime-based card game from Japan and it has most of the famous anime series such as Lucky Star(LS), Little Busters(LB), Zero no Tsukaima(ZnT) and so on.. Series like Haruhi will release later this year.. The all the cards are in Japanese, the only series that has a English Version is The Disgaea Trial Deck but the translation is still crappy. Well, if you play this TCG, you can always get translators from the TCGamers who introduced you this game. I play at Little Akiba(Malaysia) and The Card Geeks(Singapore), the people there can help you translate your card if you have any problem or you can just visit the website here for news and translation.

I am now currently playing Lucky Star Cards (for some reason the Lucky Star series from this TCG are extremely MOE~~!). Sample of the Lucky Star Promo Rares

I am currently playing a Megane LS Deck. I also own a Okashi/Futago LS Deck, a Idolm@ster Trial Deck and a English Disgaea Trial Deck. I plan to make a Infirmary LS Deck in the future.

I will post my Deck List once I finalize them, so you can revise the deck and try it out.. =D
You can always contact me through my email if you have any inquiries about this game.

More pictures about the game below.
Louise from the ZnT series

The Saber's art is fantastic

The Lucky Star Trial Deck was my first deck


Jowie's Life is Coming Back Online!!!

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Hey everyone,
I will be back on as soon as possible. I will be free to continue blogging on Anime and Stuffs. I recently went to KKnM and Ani-Play in Singapore and it was great.. I will post more on what I bought there, In a day or two...